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How to get to Park 7?

Park 7 makes travelling to work easy, no matter where you’re coming from or how you’re getting there. The green campus site provides excellent accessibility for all means of transport, whether you visit the park by car, bike, train, tram, bus, taxi or even airplane. 

Brussels’ main highways E40, E19 and A12 are close by, as well as bicycle highways and public transport, with plans for a future tramway connecting the park to the airport.  

Our adress: Hermeslaan 7 - 1831 Diegem

map Park 7

By bike

600+ bicycleparking spaces

3 bicyclehighways

Healthy and traffic-free commute

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Park 7 is located ideally to reach our campus site by bike. With several bicycle highways starting from the airport or the city centre, you can get your daily dose of exercise during your commute.

F201 Airport - Brussels

This bicycle highway will pass in front of Park 7 in the near future. The highway links bicycle highways F3 and FR0 and will be a short highway connecting Brussels to Brussels Airport. 

F3 HST-route Leuven - Brussels

The HST bicycle route follows the HST railway track between Leuven and Brussels. You will be able to access the F3 directly via the F201. Works are ongoing and are assumed to be finalised by the summer of 2022.

FR0 ring route Brussels

This bicycle highway will be directly accessible via the F201. It will mostly follow the outer Brussels Ring (R0). Its route starts in Zellik train station and runs via Wemmel, Grimbergen, Vilvoorde, Diegem, Zaventem and Kraainem further up in the Brussels Region.

Future bike bridge A201K

A bicycle and pedestrian bridge over the Leopold III-laan is foreseen in the near future, next to Park 7. This bridge will connect the Harenweg in Zaventem and the Sint-Stevens-Woluwestraat in Machelen, and will be an important link to the future F201 bicycle highway.

Bike sharing can be organised in the future.

by bus

By bus

4 bus lines

Every 15 min during rush hour

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We encourage companies to commute to the office by public transport. Park 7 offers a great accessibility by bus: 4 bus lines connect Park 7 to several destinations, with 2 bus stops within walking distance.

Stop Haren 3M Toyota

(180 m – 2 min. walk via Hermeslaan) 

Bus 471 
Brussels - Zaventem / Zaventem - Brussels (fast bus Brussels)
During rush hour: every 15 min.

Bus 471 has a stop at Brussels International Airport (Luchthaven Perron A), Haren Bordet Train Station (Haren Bordet Station) and at Brussels North Train Station (Brussel Noord Afstaphalte).

13 min. to Brussels Int. Airport,
14 min. to Haren Bordet Train Station
21 min. to Brussels North Train Station


Stop Haren Bourget 

(600 m – 8 min. walk via Bourgetlaan)

Bus 471
Brussels - Zaventem / Zaventem - Brussels (fast bus Brussels) 
During rush hour: every 15 min.

Bus 12
Brussels Airport - Brussels City (Troon) / Brussels City (Troon) – Brussels Airport 
During rush hour: every 15 min.

Bus 272
Brussels – Zaventem / Zaventem – Brussels
During rush hour: every 15min.

Bus 620
Anderlecht – Zaventem / Zaventem Anderlecht
During rush hour: every 30 min.


By tram

Every 5 to 10 min. during rush hour

Future extension to the airport

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A fast and easy way to get to Park 7 is by tram: line 62 connects Park 7 to several destinations, with the tram stop Eurocontrol within walking distance. 

Stop Eurocontrol

(750 m - 9 min walk via Bourgetlaan and Raketstraat)

Tram 62 
Eurocontrol - Kerkhof van Jette / Kerkhof van Jette – Eurocontrol
During rush hour: every 5 - 10 min

Tram 62 has a stop (Da Vinci) close by Bordet Train Station (750 m - 7 min walk via Jules Bordetlaan/N294 and Bourgetlaan) 
Consult the timetable 

Future extension to the airport

An extension of the tram line is foreseen in the near future, which will connect Brussels North Railway Station, Vilvoorde Railway Station and Brussels International Airport. This Airport tram will take you from Brussels North to the airport in 30 minutes and will have a stop within a few steps from Park 7.


By train

2 train stations

Connection to Thalys and Eurostar

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We encourage companies to commute by public transport. Park 7 offers a great accessibility by train: the office site is close to 2 train stations.

Diegem Railway Station

(2,2 km – 8 min by bike, 5 min by car)

  • 2 trains/hour to Leuven (21 min)
  • 1 train/hour to Eigenbrakel with stops in Meiser (10 min) and Brussels Schuman (14 min)
  • 1 train/hour to ‘s-Gravenbrakel with stops in Brussels North (13 min) Brussels Central (18 min) and Brussels South (23 min) – With a transfer in Brussels South you can travel by Thalys to Paris and Cologne and with the Eurostar to Lille and London.

Bordet Railway Station

(2,2 km – 7 min by bike, 6 min by car)

  • 2 trains/hour to Mechelen (26 min)
  • 1 train/hour to Leuven (27 min)
  • 2 trains/hour to Halle (38 min) with a stop in Merode (8 min) close to the European District
  • 1 train/hour to Aalst (1 hour 10 min) with a stop in Brussels Schuman (20 min) in the European District
  • 1 train/hour to Vilvoorde (9 min)

Shuttle to train stations can be organised by Park 7 in the future.


By car

5 min from Brussels Airport

Close to E40, E19 and A12

Spacious underground parking

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Although we encourage companies to get to Park 7 by public transport or bike, the site is also perfectly accessible by car.

Park 7 is located next to the A201, which will be transformed into a much greener ‘park lane’ passing by the NATO HQ and connecting Brussels with the Brussels Ring (R0). It only takes 5 minutes to reach the R0 giving you access to the E40 to Leuven, the E19 to Paris and the A12 to Antwerp

With 3 parking spaces per 100 m2, Park 7 offers a spacious car park with dedicated parking spots for disabled people and charging stations for electric vehicles.

Antwerp: 34 min
Leuven: 22 min
Ghent: 38 min
Brussels CBD: 14 min
Brussels Airport: 5 min


By taxi

5 min from Brussels Airport

Travel without stress

Multiple taxi providers

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Take a taxi to get to and from Park 7 without stress. Several taxi providers are ready to take you to or from Park 7.

Tel +32 (0)2 5 123 123

Taxi Walter Zaventem
Tel +32 (0)2 720 10 00

Tel +32 (0)2 725 25 25


If you are in need of more luxurious travel accommodation, please contact:

Direct Way
Tel +32 (0)2 772 00 00

Modern Car
Tel +32 (0)2 420 10 00


Special taxi service for wheelchair users:

Taxi Hendriks
Tel +32 (0)2 752 98 00

Car sharing can be organised in the future.


By airplane

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Are you travelling internationally to or from Park 7? The office site is located just 5 min driving from Brussels International Airport, which takes you all over the world (248 destinations worldwide, 645 flights a day, 80 airlines at your service).

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